Horley black tea Assam India - box set of 10 sachets

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Description and history

This delicious Black Tea comes from the Assam region in Northeast India. Located between the Himalayas and the Barak River Valley, Assam receives the largest rainfall in India, making it a permanent green haven of jungle flora and wildlife, including Bengal tigers, rhinos and elephants. In this natural paradise, the tea plant of the Camellia Sinensis Assamica variety is grown. Growing at sea level, and with sedimentary rock lands, leaves are harvested that create an infusion of strong, solid body, with hints of malt. It is for these characteristics and for its caffeine content: 80 mg (a cup of coffee has on average 95 mg of caffeine) that England and Ireland traditionally enjoy at breakfast.

Packed with antioxidants like theaflavins, thearubigins, and catechins, Assam Black Tea can help you improve health by capturing the free radicals your body naturally produces.

Some studies suggest that the polyphenolic compounds in Assam Black Tea may help lower cholesterol when consuming 3 to 6 cups daily.

Features of Horley Black Assam Tea

We use only the best Camellia Sinensis Assamica leaves, which we ferment slowly to achieve a tea of the highest quality, aroma and flavor. We pack our Tea in double fold sachets so that it is easily immersed in the cup. We seal each sachet in individual sachets with a protective layer of the environment and oxygen, thus maintaining the aroma and flavor for a long time

For its flavor, quality and benefits, a cup of Horley Black Assam Tea is the ideal way to start the day!



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