Horley Fujian China white tea - box set of 10 sachets

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Description and history

This delicate white tea comes from the Fujian region, a province on the southeast coast of China, just off the island of Taiwan. The mountainous and rainy topography of this region makes it the most forested in all of China. In these mountains, at 400 m above sea level, the Camellia Sinensis plant is cultivated to produce various types of tea.

For white tea, young, fine-lint leaves are harvested, which wilt before drying to make them ready for consumption. When infused it produces a delicate drink, with an herbal flavor, lighter than traditional green and black teas. It is in the Fujian region, where the tradition of the Gongfu (Kung Fu) tea ceremony is born, the water is heated to 85 C - 90 C, white tea leaves are infused for three minutes and a routine with vessels is followed and special utensils for a highly respected ritual.

Rich in antioxidants like theaflavins, thearubigins, and catechins, it helps to capture the free radicals naturally produced by your body and to lower inflammation in skin cells. Rich in polyphenols, which can help dilate blood capillaries, improving cardiovascular health.

Characteristics of Fujian White Horley Tea

We use only the youngest leaves of Camellia Sinensis , which we wilt delicately to achieve a tea of the highest quality, aroma and flavor. We pack 1.5 g of the highest quality tea in dual chamber filter bags for easy dipping into the cup. We seal each sachet in individual sachets with a protective layer of the environment and oxygen, thus maintaining the aroma and flavor for a long time

For its flavor, its quality and its benefits, a cup of Fujian White Horley Tea at noon is the natural and rich way to take care of yourself!



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